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FreeWroad NEST APIs

Develop or Improve your Apps with the FreeWroad NEST APIs

We encourage you to leverage the API for your business and research needs.
Desktop Computer

Using the APIs

Build Powerful travel or location based applications and intergrate our NEST APIs into your web and mobile applications

Our beta program is full but you can sign up to join our waitlist here Waitlist Form

All API calls require a user key which is emailed to you after registration. If you lose your key, contact

All services provided by our NEST APIs are listed below. You may not license, sublicense, sell, offer to sell, distribute or otherwise provide any of the API data to any third parties.


Travel Costs

Get Realtime Travel Costs charged by both Public & Private Transport Companies across selected cities in Africa.


Accessible Buildings

Access accurate and verified listings of buildings that are accessible to people with physical disabilities.



Accept Pyaments from your travellers with ease & never worry about delayed payments, complicated deposits, payment disputes, currency conversion and late fees.



Access latest updates on security issues, travel advisories, weather forecasts & local healthcare facilities.


Language Translation

You can use this API to bridge the gap of language misunderstandings with foreign travelers. Our translation API currently supports 5 languages. Check our developers portal for more info about this API.



Solves one of the biggest problems for international travelers - understanding the different legal requirements in every country. With the API you can find up-to-date country-specific information about visa, customs, cultural taboos and more.